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Privacy Policy

217 Harrow Road project team
is committed to keeping your data safe.

We’re also committed to being up front and honest about what information we’re collecting, why we do this, and how we use it.

We will not share any of the information with any third parties for marketing purposes and your information will generally only be stored within the European Economic Area. Where this is not the case, they are stored in a recognised country, as defined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) or are processed under the Standard Contractual Clauses adopted by the European Commission, and we will be upfront about this. The information you provide will be held securely by us and/or our data processors whether the information is in electronic or physical format.

EU legislation called the GDPR now sets out comprehensive requirements for all companies handling personal data. This includes a number of things we must tell you of when we collect data from you. We have covered all these in this Privacy Policy. 

What data will be collected about me?
If you are just browsing the web site then no data about you will be stored. If you choose to sign up for our newsletter, then only the data we ask you to enter will be stored e.g. we won't augment this with information about other pages you have browsed on the website.

In common with most other websites we use website analytics software which collects data about how people use our website. However, this is anonymised and cannot be traced back to you. We use this to help make sure our web servers are working well and to see which parts of our websites are most/least popular so that we can improve the overall user experience.


What will my data be used for?

We collect your data solely to provide the service or information you have requested i.e. to send you the newsletter. We don't use your data for any kind of profiling or subsequent marketing. If you provide us with a comment on the Commonplace platform, please check the Commonplace Privacy Policy.


Who is responsible for my data?

Any data collected about you will be kept under Stories (217HR) Ltd's control. Stories (217HR) Ltd is registered company (No. 11885050) and can be contacted using the following details:

Address: 8th Floor 167 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2EA



How long will you keep my data for?

If you sign up to the 217 Harrow Road newsletter we will keep your details for as long as you remain a subscriber. If you unsubscribe then we will delete your details after 2 months.

If you give us your details through the website for some other reason, e.g. taking part in a consultation, then, in most cases, we will keep your data for 18 months after the logical conclusion date i.e. the closing date for the consultation. If we intend to keep your data for any longer than this we will make this clear at the point you provide your data. 


What if I change my mind?

You can withdraw your consent to us storing and using your data at any time. In the case of your newsletter subscription you can simply use the "unsubscribe" link contained in every newsletter email. In the case of any promotion or other forms on our websites please email your request to If you contact us from an email account which isn’t the one we have on file for you then we will need to validate your identity and may request additional details (such as a phone number) to do this before actioning your request.


Where will my data be stored?

If you sign up to our mailing list then your email address and any associated contact preferences will be stored by our email campaign provider: Mailchimp stores data on servers located in the United States. Our contract with MailChimp requires them to provide the same safeguards and data protection rights for our users as they would have if the data was stored in the EU. More details about MailChimp's security safeguards and GDPR compliance can be found here:

We may choose to use other service providers in future, if we do they will be bound by the same strict rules which guarantee that the same safeguards are in place, and your rights remain the same. If we change our service providers then we will update the details on this page so you can always return to this page to see where your data is being stored.


Who will have access to my data?

217 Harrow Road project team whose duties require it will have access to the data collected through our website.


Will you give my data to anyone else?

Apart from if we should be required to do so by law (e.g. a court order, or legal request from  a law enforcement agency), we will not give or sell your data to anyone else.

If you have signed up to our email newsletter then your details will be passed to our third party email campaign provider (see "Where will my data be stored?" above) however, your data remains under 217 Harrow Road project team's strict control. The service provider is bound by a tight contract which prevents them from using or passing on the data for anything other than providing the service to the 217 Harrow Road project team.

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