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Meet the project team

St Mungo’s has been at 217 Harrow Road for over 30 years and we have seen the area undergo many changes. We’re working in partnership with Stories to create a new building in place of the one that's there at the moment as well working to deliver true social value to the area.


Our development partner, Stories is a socially responsible property development company committed to creating long term sustainable value. They deliver residential-led, mixed use developments across the UK that maximise economic, social and environmental impact for all stakeholders. One of their recent projects has been providing strategic advice on Bath’s North Quay development, which helps support the city’s reputation as an outstanding place with a rich past and a vibrant future strengthening its international appeal and reach.

"We care about the legacy of the buildings we deliver and are

committed to delivering social value through our development. We are really looking forward to helping St Mungo’s continue their brilliant work and working closely with the local community to bring this project to life."

James Scott, co-founder of Stories.

St Mungo’s

Our charity has been supporting people who are homeless for over 50 years and are at the forefront of efforts to tackle homelessness. We have been at 217 for over 30 years and you can see our values in action in Westminster where we manage a number of specialist housing services including those for women, people tackling mental health and substance use issues and pioneering personalised support.​

“People who have been out on the streets for more than 20 years, who have never engaged with us, have finally taken up offers of our help. They’ve understood that we are there in their times of need. Because that is our guiding principle: we don’t ever give up.”

Kath, Head of Outreach on supporting vulnerable people when the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic hit. Kath is leading proposals for 217 Harrow Road.

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM)

Architects, AHMM will be leading the design of the new building for 217 Harrow Road. Through hundreds of collaborations over the last 30 years, their work aims to address and enhance its relationship with both the public it serves and the public spaces that surround it. In 2007, they delivered the Stirling prize shortlisted Westminster Academy at 255 Harrow Road and, earlier this month, received a 2021 Civic Trust National Award.

Filigree Communications

Established in 2015, Filigree is an expert team of communicators delivering stakeholder engagement, creative campaigns, and original content for clients in the public and charity sectors, placemaking and a community engagement programme for the major regeneration of Catford town centre, one of the largest projects of its kind in the UK. Through a series of events such as the Catford Food Market, outreach throughout the community, newsletters and proactive media engagement and issues management they support the regeneration plans for the town centre over the next 10-15 years.

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