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Inspirational public realm projects

Updated: May 7, 2021

As part of the plans for 217 Harrow Road there may be an opportunity to improve the public space around the building. Early feedback from local stakeholders suggests that this public space could be improved to create a more safe and welcoming environment and this is something we are keen to understand further before developing plans.

Public space can be really important for local communities, greening public space can help improve air quality and absorb carbon whilst creating a more accessible and comfortable public space can encourage people to take part in activities and socialise and ultimately foster a greater sense of community.

We have rounded up a few of our favourite inspirational public realm projects below.

Putting down Roots

St Mungo’s Putting Down Roots is an award winning horticulture and gardening training project that focuses on training homeless clients to develop skills at all levels. Putting Down Roots also works with businesses and the local community to transform and maintain green spaces. Not only does it help vulnerable people through gardening and therapeutic horticulture but it also raises awareness of green spaces and encourages people to engage with them Find out more

Saying it with flowers

The reopening of town centres will be a challenge for many local authorities as they work to combine creating a welcoming public space with encouraging visitors to stick to social distancing measures. Royal Leamington Spa are combatting this challenge by using floral street markers that convey messages about safe distancing in an imaginative way reflecting community sentiment and adapting to business needs. Find out more here.

Poetry in Peterborough

As part of a bigger regeneration project, Peterborough City Council commissioned a series of benches. These benches incorporate poems written by local school children to add another element for visitors to enjoy whilst enjoying a rest. Under-seat lighting was designed into the central benches to make them equally prominent features during the evening as they are during the day. Find out more here.

What do you think would improve the public space surrounding 217 Harrow Road? Let us know here.

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