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Grab your board and hit the halfpipe, skateboarding is back.

Have you noticed an increase in the number of skateboarders whizzing past you recently? You’re not alone. Skateboarding is seeing a resurgence across the UK. Requiring just a skateboard and a patch of flat ground means that skateboarding can be practiced pretty much anywhere and whilst sports facilities have been closed due to lockdown restrictions, people have been swapping their usual sporting endeavours to give skateboarding a go. David French, the co-manager at London’s roller-skating nightclub, Roller Nation, noted a 30 per rise in traffic to its website after reopening last year.

Here at 217 Harrow Road, we are lucky to be located near the iconic Royal Oak Skatepark. Sometimes known as the Meanwhile 2, because of its proximity to the Meanwhile Gardens, it is one of London’s only covered skateparks. The park sits underneath the Westway and has been there since the 1970s but it was Mark Gonzales who really put the park on the map in 1987 when he performed a frontside ollie there. Thus the Gonz gap was born and skaters have been flocking to the site to replicate Gonzales’ tricks ever since. During its heyday in the late 2000s, the park in its earlier format was the scene of massive Caught in the Crossfire jams.

The park is now split into two sides. The first features a halfpipe with a curved bottom and two heights, plus a large gap between.The second half of the park features a hip, bowl corner, flat bank and a T-Block ledge. This park is a smooth skate with a lot of variety so is great for all levels and all types of skater. It is always open and free to ride.

Although skating is a solo sport, as restrictions ease, skateparks have the opportunity to once again become sociable environments with people of all ages learning and sharing tricks and techniques. Skateboarding will become an Olympic event for the first time this year so it is unlikely that its popularity will slow down anytime soon.

Want to be a part of the trend? We are hosting three trained skateboarding sessions for children at the skatepark on Tuesday 1st June. Join a trained coach for an hour of real street skate experience. This activity is open for children aged between 4 and 11. Our consultation team will be nearby talking to local people about the plans for 217 Harrow Road so as well as finding half-term entertainment for the kids, you can have your say on proposals for the local area.

We are hosting three sessions during the day.

  • Tuesday 1st June, 12:00-1:00pm

  • Tuesday 1st June 1:30-2:30pm

  • Tuesday 1st June, 3:00-4:00pm

Spaces will be limited so please book your spot in advance on our website. All the sessions are free. Sign up here.

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