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Everyone In helps hundreds in Westminster

Last month the official rough sleeping statistics for England were published showing a 37% reduction in the number of people sleeping rough on a single night. This statistic perfectly demonstrates just what can be achieved by a concerted effort to make a change, such as in the Everyone In initiative.

The Everyone In initiative provided safe, emergency accommodation and has been widely hailed as a huge success , the scheme had supported around 33,000 people off the street. As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, work must continue to help those who are homeless on the steps to recovery. Nearly half (44%) of all people sleeping rough on a single night are in London and the South East, according to the Government’s latest Rough Sleeping Snapshot.

Our plans for a new building at 217 Harrow Road will help to support people who are homeless or sleeping rough in Westminster by providing vulnerable people with specialist accommodation and support to rebuild their lives.

Why do we need to redevelop the building?

Our building is over half a century old and is in need of modernisation. With purpose built accommodation for our clients we can deliver more flexible accommodation and flagship services. Our design must balance the needs of St Mungo's, the local community and meet the planning requirements set out by Westminster City Council.

New facilities will include an assessment centre, move-on and pathway services to support those on a journey to independence. More bed space will help get people off the streets, reducing pressure on the neighbourhood and also support the Council with its ambition to significantly reduce rough sleeping and address the harm it brings to individuals and communities in Westminster.

To find out more about our plans for 217 Harrow Road visit our website or sign up to our free online information session on Wednesday 31st March (6-7pm).

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