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A welcoming place to live

Proposals for an improved homelessness facility and new homes at 217 Harrow Road, May 2021

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Linked by a new courtyard - open to everyone - a 17-18 storey building to the rear of the site, adjacent to the Westway will include homes for rent and affordable housing with commercial space at ground floor that could include a small shop, a cafe or workspace.


A safe place to stay

Transforming the building at 217 Harrow Road will help to support 450 people each year who are homeless or sleeping rough in Westminster.

As well as a safe place to stay for those most in need, we’d like to build new homes for rent up to 40% of which will be affordable. With space for a new shop or cafe, community activities and improvements to the public space, the area around this stretch of Harrow Road and under the Westway will be more welcoming for everyone in the community.

A new facility for St Mungo’s will include more bed space, a multi-functional space to support the recovery processes, outreach work and training and will act as a  valuable resource in the

north of the borough.

We are proposing a building of this height because, as this project will be delivered at zero cost to St Mungo’s so we need to make sure there is sufficient funding from market homes for rent to make the entire development viable. 

Tell us what you think

Join us on Zoom for an information session, arrange a site visit or come along for a free skate session or mural painting workshop. Find out more on our events page.

Why do we need a new homelessness facility?

Nearly half of all people sleeping rough in the UK on a single night are in London and the South East. Did you know that Westminster has the highest rate of homelessness in the country? 


Right now, the building is in desperate need of repair and with the investment from these proposals St Mungo’s will be able to improve its services for those facing homelessness in Westminster. Partnering with Stories, new homelessness facilities will be delivered at zero cost to St Mungo’s. 


“Most of the local people we’ve spoken to, don’t know what happens here at 217 Harrow Road and are amazed to hear just how many individuals we support each year in spite of the tired, cramped building. The new facility would allow our team to do even more to support St Mungo’s recovery processes, outreach work and training - a really valuable resource for those most in need in Westminster.


The space will be carefully designed to reflect the needs of those facing homelessness or on the recovery journey. Everyone deserves a safe place to stay and we are excited to bring new homes for rent and affordable housing into the mix. Together with the shared spaces - a new courtyard, a shop or workspace and the potential for community activities -  these proposals will create a truly inclusive community, a space for everyone.”

Kath, Head of Outreach for St Mungo’s in Westminster on supporting vulnerable people when the full impact of the pandemic hit.

217HRBoards_High_Res_Images copy.jpg

Sketch showing current building with Torquay House adjacent.

217HRBoards_High_Res_Images copy.jpg

Section showing new buildings proposed for 217 Harrow Road.

Tell us what you would like to see

Through our conversations so far, we know that it’s really important for these proposals to be in keeping with the surrounding area, a height that reflects buildings in the local area with improvements to the public space around the new buildings.

In summer, we will submit a planning application to Westminster City Council. We’d like to hear your views on the design of the building or any comments you might have on the current homelessness facility at 217 Harrow Road.

Have your say. Share your thoughts and ideas with us at

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Skateboard and share your views: free family activities.

We are also excited to be hosting free skateboarding sessions and mural painting workshops for children under 11 years old.


  • Tuesday 1st June
    12-1pm, 1.30-2.30pm or 3-4pm Free skateboard sessions
    Royal Oak Skatepark
    W2 5EJ


  • Saturday 5th June
    10-11am, 11.30-12.30pm
    or 1-2pm Free mural painting workshop
    Westminster Academy W2 5EZ


  • Wednesday 9th June
    Free Zoom information session


  • Thursday 10th June
    Free Zoom information session


  • Saturday 12th June
    10-11am, 11.30-12.30pm
    or 1-2pm
    Free mural painting workshop
    Westminster Academy W2 5EZ

Sign up here on our events page

We want to hear your views on the building, the neighbourhood, the relationship between St Mungo’s and the local community as well as your views and aspirations on the local area.

Share your memories, recollections and observations of the Harrow Road and how you’ve seen it change over time and what your hopes are for the future.

We’d welcome any feedback via email, by sharing comments on our website, through social media or by signing up for email news.


Call: (free of charge) 0808 1961 280


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