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Autumn 2021

Final designs for 217 Harrow Road

A community update from St Mungo’s


Rough sleeping in London is at its highest concentration in Westminster, and it is important that we provide support within the borough for people to come off the streets. The upgraded facilities at the 217 Harrow Road building will help us to do this.

Our proposals will provide higher quality accommodation to replace the current offer alongside much more exible space inside the building for clients to spend time in. The current building is old and was not originally built to accommodate a homeless facility. Our plans for a modern building will provide additional amenity space within the building for clients and staff and a greater choice of environments for them to reside within.

In partnership with socially-responsible developer Stories, we have now submitted a planning application that will deliver a new facility with high quality accommodation and flexible space which will significantly help address homelessness in Westminster, facilitated by a new residential building.

Working with the local community, local stakeholders and staff and residents at 217 Harrow Road we have designed:

  • Accommodation providing 45 self-contained units and 11 move-on homes for people who have experienced homelessness.

  • Flexible space to support St Mungo’s clients on their recovery journey.

  • 94 build-to-rent homes in a new, 20 storey residential building on the south of the site. 8 to 14 of these homes will be affordable at a discount market rent.

  • Landscaping and planting to create amenity space for residents.

  • A ground floor commercial space which could be a small coffee shop or kiosk.

  • Ongoing engagement towards improving the surrounding public space.

  • High sustainability performance to contribute to meeting carbon reduction policy requirements.


What this means to St Mungo's

Steve Douglas CBE, St Mungo’s CEO

"We are delighted that plans for the development of this incredibly important scheme in Westminster have been submitted.

Working closely with Westminster commissioners, the local community, our development partner Stories and our own clients, this accommodation will embody operational excellence and best practice.

The development of Harrow Road upholds our vision for safe and secure accommodation and for everyone to have a place to call home, and will ensure that we can continue to support those in Westminster who need us most."

St Mungo’s has been at 217 Harrow Road
for over 30 years.


This site plays a vital role in Westminster’s support for those facing homelessness but the current building is tired and no longer t for purpose. The new facility will enable St Mungo’s to better deliver support and specialist housing services for those most in need including women and people tackling mental health and substance use issues.

Ideas from St Mungo’s staff and clients have been invaluable in considering what is important for a new facility and the surrounding area.

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 16.41.52.png

Section showing 217 Harrow Road consultation events over the summer 2021.

Talking to local people

Local residents have shown support for our ambition to deliver safe, welcoming spaces for those most in need in Westminster.

Thank you to everyone who engaged with us on these plans, we have had over 250 conversations where we learned more about the local area and gave local people the chance to feedback on the proposals to create this shared vision.

Following local feedback
The design was carefully considered and the shape of the buildings has been adjusted to create a more slender appearance. A light brickwork has also been proposed to help the new buildings have a more modest presence in the existing streetscape.

The roof has a ‘stepped’ profile, which will not only maximise natural light and views for residents but will also add an attractive detailing to the two buildings which will sit alongside the taller building, Brinklow House and neighbouring Torquay House.

Find out more about our community consultation
on our events page.

Watch a short  from James, Chair of the St Mungo’s Client Advisory Board talking about client involvement in the project.

Understanding the

St Mungo's journey

St Mungo’s works to prevent homelessness and support people at every step of their recovery from homelessness. Ideas from our clients are so valuable in considering what is important for a new facility and the surrounding area.

Early in the process, we set up a steering group bringing together St Mungo’s staff and clients to guide the design and bring valuable insights to the project.

“I have brought my experience of rough sleeping and living in a night shelter with other people who are experiencing homelessness and provided, I think, key information around safety and the experiences associated with that living environment to the project.”

“Seeing the plans for the living space with self-contained and move-on accommodation for clients, I can testify that it is crucial to people’s recovery to have the space to rest and your own private area.”

“The new Harrow Road service will provide St. Mungo’s clients with a contemporary and safe living environment to thrive and continue their personal recovery journey from homelessness. A high quality, safe home is vital for a person’s recovery from homelessness, and the Harrow Road project with the excellent St. Mungo’s support will ful l this aspiration for all St. Mungo’s clients who live there.”


What happens next?


Westminster City Council will make a decision on the planning application in the next couple of months. Find out more about the proposals at or by viewing the planning application (ref: 21/06475/FULL) documents here via this link.

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