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Thank you for your attendance at our 217 Harrow Road community consultation events and sharing your thoughts on the proposals through the year. Your feedback shared with the project team has helped shape the design proposals.

We had a great time organising family events for the local people in the 217 Harrow Road neighborhood. Our free skateboarding and mural painting workshops were very successful and gave the team the best opportunity to discuss the proposals with attendees and wider users of Westminster Academy and Royal Oak Skatepark, where the events took place.

Previously, the team connected to the online audience through our Zoom events, where people had the chance to interact with the project team and explore project details and presentations.

Our socially distanced conversations instead gave people the opportunity to have a chat with a member of the project team and take a tour of the site.

We hope you enjoyed attending our events as much as we enjoyed making them!


Family Events

Family friendly activities for children under 11yrs.


Zoom Events

Free Zoom information sessions.


Socially Distanced Chats

Outdoor conversations with the project team.

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Visit 217 Harrow Road to join the St Mungo’s team in an outdoor conversation on  5th and 6th July. Book your place here.

Young Skater Relaxing

Join a free skateboard coaching session for under 11s on Tuesday 1st June (half term holiday) at the Royal Oak Skatepark, W2 5EJ. Book your place in advance.


Join a free outdoor mural painting workshop for under 11s on 5th or 12th June at Westminster Academy, W2 5EZ. Book your place in advance.

Join a free Zoom information session about the proposals on 7th or 8th July.
Sign up and you will be able to listen along to the presentation or ask questions of the project team.

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